Dedication, Compassion, Teamwork

North Jefferson County EMS

3131 Rock Creek Road
High Ridge, MO 63049

(636) 677-3399

The North Jefferson County EMS is a public governmental entity (a political subdivision of the State of Missouri) that serves the citizens of Northwest Jefferson County with Emergency Medical Services (EMS), 24 hours a day. 

North Jefferson County EMS is regulated, inspected and licensed by the Missouri Division of Health and Senior Services, Bureau of EMS. Medical Direction and protocols are under SSM Healthcare in St. Louis, Missouri. Each ambulance is staffed with highly trained Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedics and with state of the art emergency medical equipment and supplies.

Our mission at North Jefferson County EMS is to serve the public as a team of dedicated and compassionate professionals by providing quality emergency care, education and community service.

North Jefferson County EMS adheres to the following values:

Service above Self
We treat persons with illness and injury in our community with care and compassion, utilizing effective principles and practices of patient care.

Act with Integrity & Honesty
We serve with honesty, loyalty and integrity.

Keep Commitments
We are responsible for our actions, both positive and negative.

Treat People with Dignity & Respect
We recognize the dignity of others and communicate with others in a respectful manner.

Promote Positive Relationships
We enact teamwork through communication and cooperation to achieve common goals.

Excel In Everything You Do
We use dedication, compassion & teamwork to excel at everything we do.